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Forget Thee Not believes that every human life is unique and filled with qualities and memories that deserve special recognition.

After the passing of a loved one, their families must deal with the grief of loss. At the same time, family members have to bear the great responsibility of organizing funerals. We ardently believe that a meaningful funeral needs to comfort the living and honor the deceased. Therefore, in addition to traditional funeral services, Forget Thee Not first introduced the “Life Celebration” service to recognize the precious life and uniqueness of the deceased and to make space for the feelings and needs of the bereaved.

The Life Celebration service is for conducting a customized farewell ceremony for the deceased in a traditional funeral. The “Life Celebrant” works with family members, designing the theme, decoration and other arrangements for the “Life Celebration”, presenting and recognizing the unique characteristics of the deceased.
The “Life Celebration” session can be merged into the funeral or be held as a memorial service ceremony after the funeral. Its purpose is to provide relatives and friends with the opportunity to enjoy the life stories of the deceased, appreciate and recognize their life. At the same time, relatives and friends can also express their grief and gratitude to their loved ones, blessing each other and cherishing the moment. This will help to alleviate the pain of bereavement, as well as to host the best possible farewell party for the deceased.

Traditional funeral services are under the care of the Funeral Concierge which provides humane and considerate support on the days that the family needs the most help. The Funeral Concierge takes care of all funeral matters and accompanies family members at important moments, such as claiming the body. The Concierge will listen patiently and meet the needs of family members, ensuring a smooth farewell ritual that conforms to the religious traditions of the deceased and the family. In this way, an elegant, solemn and unforgettable farewell ceremony catering to the needs of both the deceased and their families can be carried out.

Legal Paperwork

From claiming the body of the deceased and booking the crematorium to applying for a death certificate, our caring Funeral Concierge will accompany your family and help every step of the way, alleviating the anxiousness of the family. If your family is unable to attend to these matters in person, our Funeral Concierge will take care of them on their/your behalf.

Funeral Planning

Based on the wishes and religious faith of your family and loved ones, our Life Celebrant will assist your family to determine the date, venue, scale of the funeral, the rituals, and other details of the service.

Our Life Celebrant will assist your family to identify your beloved’s preferences, their most memorable moments and traits to create a personalized theme for the funeral.  By including personal touches in the service, you can honor your loved ones with a unique tribute that genuinely represents the person they were.

With our assistance and the help of pictures, videos or music, you can conduct a “life celebration” session to remember the precious moments that you had with your loved ones and  honor the life they lived. You may wish to write down or speak about your gratitude for your beloved one, and how you will continue their legacy.  This is also an opportunity to offer your blessings to each other and let love live on. 

Whether you choose to say goodbye to your loved one at a hospital’s farewell hall, a funeral home, a Taoist hall or a church, we will manage all necessary arrangements to help to create a personal tribute like no other.

Venue Decoration and Arrangements

Our Funeral Concierge will decorate the venue with the utmost care, creating an elegant and solemn atmosphere and paying reverence to your loved one. The personalized decoration will create a familiar and lovely environment for the deceased.  You can also remember and honor your loved one in a comfortable and intimate environment. 

Our attentive staff will offer beverage services, and hot meals or buffet (on request) during the wake at the funeral home. We can also provide catering services at churches (on request).

To organize a memorable service, our Funeral Concierge is ready to assist in every way, from selecting the appropriate music pieces and arranging for audio-visual equipment to producing a tribute video.

Religious Rites

All arrangements and decorations will conform to the religious faith of your loved one. We cater to all major religious ceremonies including Buddhist, Taoist, Catholic, Protestant and Islamic services.

All funeral rituals will be performed with reverence, and relevant customs will be scrupulously observed.  For Chinese funerals, the exact manner and customs of the send-off service may vary by region.   We may, on request, follow the specific traditional customs of the hometown of your loved one and conduct the service in their native dialect including Hakka, Chaozhou or Fujian.

Guidance will also be provided on Chinese funeral etiquette and practices, including advice on the selection of auspicious days, the time of homecoming for the soul of the departed, and taboos and rituals for the ending of official mourning.

We can also hold non-religious farewell rites for those who would prefer such a ceremony.

Mortuary Makeup and Hearse

Personal care for your loved ones will be provided with the utmost respect for their dignity and privacy.  Our mortuary makeup artist will bathe, dress and apply makeup for your dear ones to make them look natural and peaceful.  To create a serene ambience for your loved one and to bring solace to those viewing the body, the visitation room at the funeral home will be tastefully decorated.

We will take care of the arrangements for a hearse and courteous uniformed funeral assistants to transfer your loved one to the service venue, and then onwards to the crematorium or burial ground.  Our Funeral Concierge will also accompany your family and loved ones on the way. 

Funeral-related products

Bespoke eco-coffins, designer floral tributes and premium paper offerings are just some of the quality funeral-related products we have selected for your choice.  Our Funeral Concierge can arrange for other products and traditional offerings on request. 

Customized Eco-friendly Coffin
Select Funeral-related Products
Obituary and Order of Service

Whether you wish to prepare an obituary, send one to the news media or produce an order of service for your guests, our Concierge can offer assistance. A professional graphic designer can also be arranged on request to create customized designs to fit in with the funeral theme. For a traditional Chinese send-off, the order of service will come with a brief explanation of the rituals so that all guests present can better follow the proceedings and appreciate their significance.

An electronic version of the obituary, the order of service and brief explanations on Chinese rituals will also be available.

Reception Arrangements

The Funeral Concierge will take care of the reception service to ensure that all guests are received in the best possible manner. The Concierge will design and decorate the reception according to the funeral theme and setup. A seating plan can be prepared according to the family needs. We will also arrange for well-wishers to offer their condolences at appropriate times.  Special needs, such as wheelchair access, will also be accommodated.

To ensure a smooth transfer, we will organize coaches to and from the crematorium for the funeral procession.

Interment of Ashes

We can collect the cremated ashes of your loved one on your behalf. Depending on your wishes, our concierge can organize for the ashes to be scattered in a garden of remembrance or at sea. Traditional Chinese rituals for burying the ashes in a niche are also available on request.  Whatever your choice, we will ensure that the interment service meets your needs and your loved one is properly laid to rest.

Instant Information Service

In your hour of need, we will assist you. You can contact one of our professionally trained funeral concierges for advice and guidance on matters related to the funeral, etiquette, taboos, or any other queries you might have.

Commemoration Activities

To carry on your loved one’s legacy and love, our Life Celebrant can assist you with ideas and arrangements for remembering your beloved with memorable activities shortly after the funeral, or on anniversaries and special dates.   Activities may include planting a tree for a beloved who was an environmentalist, adopting an orphaned animal for a nature lover or donating to a specific cause dear to them, just to name a few.  For Buddhists and Taoists, additional spiritual rituals can also be arranged on request.