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Though the life of a child is short,
it is still precious, unique and meaningful.

Though the life of a child is short, it is still precious, unique and meaningful.

Farewell Ceremony for Children

The loss of a child is an event of unspeakable grief. Parents always hope to offer the best for children, and the farewell ceremony can be a meaningful event to allow parents to commemorate their lost children. We understand that the world of children and youths is different from adults. Therefore, it is important to create a farewell ceremony that suits the specific needs and age of children and their families and loved ones.

Children especially need a sense of security and love from their parents. We will create a warm atmosphere in the farewell ceremony. The venue set up and products will match well with the personality of the child to express considerate care for the child. Parents could also consider holding “Life Celebration” and commemorative activities to complete the farewell ceremony.

Children’s Farewell Related Products


The farewell products specifically designed for children and youths are different from regular ones.  They represent individual preferences well and can offer the opportunity for parents to express their love.

Printed coffins


The high-quality eco-friendly coffins are printed with pictures designed for young persons and babies which match well with their innocent character.  Parents can also choose pattern designs or photos of their own, or even draw and write by hand.  Compared to regular wooden coffins, printed coffins are more suited to the personality of children.

Western farewell ceremony


Catholic or Christian funerals can be held for baptized children in churches.  Parents can seek help to decorate the church and reception area, creating a warm atmosphere that fits the children’s age.  If necessary, our “Life Celebrants” will offer suggestions, assisting parents to create a program for the memorial service that focuses on the children’s stories.  This recognizes the value and positive influence of the children in the lives of parents and family members.

Chinese Farewell Ceremony


Chinese farewell rituals can be held as a simple Taoist, Buddhist or non-religious ceremony in the hospital or mortuary, and the rest of the farewell ceremony can be completed in the crematorium.

According to traditions,  parents are not supposed to send the deceased child to the crematorium.  Instead, parents can arrange for friends belonging to the same family generation of the deceased child to go there. We will send two Funeral Concierges to accompany family and friends to take care of the etiquette matters, easing the burden on the family.  Nowadays, some parents may prefer to send their children to the crematorium, saying goodbye to them without regrets.

The Chinese-style farewell ceremony for young persons is relatively simple.  Some parents can organize a separate “Life Celebration” event, or additional Taoist or Buddhist rites, to complete the farewell ceremony dedicated to their children.

“Life Celebration” - Bidding Farewell to Children

Children long for their parents’ love.  They worry that their parents might forget them.  At the same time, parents will miss their children very much and will worry about the best possible ways to bid them farewell. Holding a “Life Celebration” event for children can help both children and parents.  In a “Life Celebration” event, you can share anecdotes about your child, decorate the venue to reflect the child’s personality and interests, and create a farewell ceremony that truly honors the child.

After the traditional farewell ceremony is over, parents can choose a suitable day and place (at home or in other private venues) and invite relatives and friends.  By sharing photos, videos, and music, you can bring your child’s stories to everyone, recognizing the joy and influence of their presence in your lives, no matter how short. This manner of honoring memories can help families and loved ones heal, motivating them to continue in life while holding the children in their hearts.

We assist with creating the most suitable form of the “Life Celebration,” designing the theme and finalizing the rundown, preparing venues, and more.  Expressing the hurt collectively can also allow families to bless and care for each other. This can help the bereaved to address the pain of losing a child.