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We offer high-quality eco-friendly coffins of different colors and patterns.
Families can request to print pictures or patterns of their choice on the coffin, or even paint drawings and write words by hand on it. Expressing love for the deceased and showing his/her personality.
The coffins are made of patented eco-friendly materials manufactured with new technology that has passed rigorous international safety and green related tests.
Our eco-friendly coffin has good structural strength, comparable to that of conventional wood coffins.

Features of Eco-friendly Coffin
Waterproof and Damp-proof

Suitable for use in outdoors or in the freezer room.

Suitable for Cremation

Coffin boards are made with recycled wood fiber with a honeycomb construction.
The leftover material produced by cremation is similar to the calcification elements from body cremation.

Suitable for Burial

The structure of the board is strong for transportation and
has good biodegradable properties.

Protect the Environment

97% of the board is made from recycled wood fiber,
Reduce deforestation and maximize the use efficiency of wood.
During cremation, the fiberboard eco-friendly coffins produce fewer carbon emissions than coffins made of MDF board.

* The standard price does not include the coffin handle shown in the picture.
We can provide the handle if needed, please contact us for the price.